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Solona Beach Facials


Consultation Referral - $25/30 min

  • 100% of consultation fee will be applied toward any service.



Microdermabrasion Facial - $95/30 minutes

  • The fastest way to get a healthy, youthful glow is to buff away the layers of dead skin that have accumulated from age and sun exposure. In just 30 minutes see the difference of removing environmental stresses.



Brightening Complexion Facial - $95/30 minutes 

  • Skin is treated with specialty ingredients to revive your cellular memory to start the process of smoothing away fine lines & wrinkles, clear complexion and give you a luminous glow in just 30 minutes.



Acne Facial Express / Acne / Teen Facial - $95/30 minutes

  • Medical grade products are used for deep cleansing, steaming, extractions and follow up instructions on home care.



LED Facial - $95/30 minutes

  • This facial harnesses the specific wavelengths in LED light to calm breakouts and inflammation, making it ideal for those with acne-prone skin and redness. A single treatment can improve both, it may take more sessions to notice a dramatic reduction.



Micro/Hydo/Brighting Facial - $125/55 minutes 

  • Attacking the signs of aging from every angle.   Resurfacing, brightening, and hydrating will help make these problems begin fading into the past. Best facial to give you results you can see right away that promotes continued health.



Lymphatic Massage Facial - $125/55 minutes

  • Great for stress relief.  Kneading targeted points on the face can unlock strain (good-bye, tension headaches) and even help temporarily reduce puffiness.



Hydrating Facial - $125/55 minutes

  • Is your skin not reacting to any creams or lotions you have in your bathroom.  Get a professional humectant mask and products to help you out. 



Classic Facial - $125/55 minutes

  • Sometimes, you just want to close your eyes and drift while having your face pampered. A typical classic facial provides deep cleansing, extractions, a head and neck massage, and...zzz. The goal is to wake up looking—and feeling—rested and refreshed.



Signature Anti-Aging Facial - $175/75 min.

  • Attacking the signs of aging from every angle.   Resurfacing, brightening, and hydrating will help with all the problems aging skin that come from genetics and environment.



Skin Tightening SCRx Facial Rejuvenation - $300/75 minutes

  • Micro-pressure with Cytokines will activate cell receptors and help restart remodeling of collagen growth. Professional treatment with mask included. 




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